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No matter what you are looking for, you can have RECCO reflectors in your garments.  No need to compromise on functionality, quality or style to get RECCO®.

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Learn how RECCO® works with all your favorite manufacturers of outdoor equipment.

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Virtually indestructible

RECCO® reflectors are a simple way to improve your safety. This wearable technology weighs less than four grams but is virtually indestructible, and more importantly, it can’t be forgotten. Hundreds of top brands of outerwear, boots, helmets, and protection gear from around the world affix RECCO® reflectors to their products.

The reflector is permanently attached and requires no training or batteries to function. It is always “on” and ready. Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, alpinist, snowmobiler, or snowshoer, you can find RECCO® reflectors in your favorite gear. Some brands highlight the reflector on the outside of the gear while other brands conceal the reflector inside the gear.

Recco jacket

Look for the label

While you may or may not see the reflector, all RECCO® reflector-equipped gear comes with a RECCO® tag. When considering your next piece of gear, look for the RECCO® label. As a supplier of components and knowledge, RECCO® works with brands that also support avalanche and mountain safety for sportspeople. After all, the purpose for going into the mountains is to have fun and come back to do it again!