Resorts & operations

More than 800 resorts and rescue services around the world use the RECCO® Rescue System, and the system is part of their immediate response. With such a large number of rescue teams already equipped and more new teams integrating the system every year, chances are very good that your local rescue team utilizes the RECCO® Rescue System. 


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Wherever you like to ski or ride, chances are good that your local resort is equipped with the RECCO® Rescue System.

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More than 800 partners

RECCO® partners with resorts, their ski patrols and mountain rescue teams to provide advanced rescue technology to improve the security for mountain visitors. For more than a quarter of a century RECCO® has forged special relationships around the world with these rescuers and avalanche professionals creating a global network of experts. The connections provide unique opportunities to share and learn from the world’s best rescue experts.

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Always ready

Ski resorts have sophisticated programs to manage and minimize mountain dangers; however, the dangers cannot be entirely eliminated. The RECCO® Rescue System gives resorts a search and rescue tool that is fast and easy to use that can pinpoint a person’s precise location. The system reduces dangers to their staff while making the search and rescue more efficient. When bad luck strikes, the RECCO® Rescue System enables rescue teams to search faster, increasing the chances of finding the person in time.